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This was absolutely adorable! I got 90%, I think what I missed was the coven but I'm not sure. Anyway, loved it!

Oh, I can't remember what I gave 10% for.
must have been one of those side missions, i guess
- paying potkea debth
- bringing the bears together

Thank you for your lovely feedback and playing the game ๐Ÿ’œ

Really good game, I've completed 100%.

You've made a good job making me care about these characters in such a short adventure.


Thank you.

I'm very happy to hear that.


This was a great game! Loved the fake out restart :-D I think you're right, we might share the same humor!

Aww, very sweet game ^^ It clearly shows how much effort you put into this adventure! I'm getting all nostalgic, as I feel fond memories of playing Link's Awakening on Game Boy. Well done!

PS: I almost missed the rabbit! 

nice! thanks. Glad you found the rabbit. it's the toughest puzzle i would say, as it doesn't stand out like all the other quest parts. 

100%! Very charming, so many squinchos.


I found the butter sword, finally, I love the secret ending!



So good. Love the art, and all the details in the story!

thanks a lot ๐Ÿ’œ

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That was nice! I liked the Zelda reference and all art in it. Keep it up!


Thanks a lot Peter, very kind of you to tell me.